Culture builds bridges


We are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making Copenhagen a better place for all. 

According to many surveys Denmark is a great country to live in. Internationals find it safe, clean and with a good work/life culture. But many also find it difficult to settle in. 

Our aim is to make Copenhagen feel smaller, more welcoming, and help make it feel more like home.

We develop and test concepts that help ease the transition to Copenhagen. Our ambition is also to open a Culture House in 2024

Humans of Copenhagen is a non-political NGO (forening) and we welcome people of all nationalities.

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With new ideas and people all cultures change over time. You can decide how. 

How do we make a community more livable and attactive for internationals?

This is a question with many possibly answers as there are many elements to creating a livable community. We believe that communities need arts and culture if they are going to attract and retain residents for the long haul.

Most of the ingredients already excist in the Danish society, but alot of it gets lost in translation and many expats never get a taste nor sense of the possibilities. 

Our aim is to open doors and help introduce the variety of different communities in Copenhagen, and at the same time help local communities to be better equipped to recieve and accomodate the growing numbers of expats in Denmark. 

The following examples showcase some of our approaches.   



Life is not always a walk in the park.

In a world where we all talk too much and listen too little, a walk can give us time for both. Some people will immediately open up; others will gradually reveal tiny snippets of who they are. Hearing stories broadens our horizons, makes us recognise and appreciate people's differences, and puts our own story in context.

Walks to places like the library, a gallery, a school, an elder home, a tiny house, etc. combined with a conversation on how to increase expat participation is a good tool to increase awareness both ways. 



Music is the strongest form of magic.

While emotions are not the prime reason for joining Communities, an emotional connection between members is often a key factor for ensuring that people stay for the long term.

Sometimes, we run out of words and where words fail, music speaks.

Picture from a privat concert in Copenhagen with expats and locals. 



The way you make an omelet reveals your character.

Chances are, your favourite food is connected to someone, somewhere – because good food is the one thing that never fails to bring people together.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, how you grew up or what you have access to. The emotions that come from sharing food are universal.

Food connects every human from the stomach, and it conquers all, from language barriers to cultural differences.



First impressions never have a second chance.

Newcomers bring new revenue and fresh ideas to your community.

Get intentional about welcoming and celebrating them. We all know we need people moving into our community to help keep it healthy. New residents fill job openings, pay taxes, populate schools, and spend money in the local economy.

This can be done in many ways but it starts by being a priority in your community. 



Test drives our choices.

Data about your personal experience of living in CPH is fundamental for creating an inclusive city.

In the age of big data, trusting your gut often gets a bad rap. Intuition — the term used to refer to gut feelings in research — is frequently dismissed as mystical or unreliable.

While it’s true that intuition can be fallible, studies show that pairing gut feelings with analytical thinking helps you make better, faster, and more accurate decisions and gives you more confidence in your choices than relying on intellect alone.

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